FAQ's: I am concerned about issues with my child at school, what should I do?

  1. You should speak to the staff at school who are involved with your child, to see if they can help to resolve your concerns:
  • Class Teacher
  • SENCo
  • Head Teacher 
  1. If you have spoken to all of these people and you do not feel that your concerns have been resolved, you should follow the school complaints policy. You should find a copy of this on the school website.  You should also find a copy of other policies and documents that may be useful to support your conversations with the school e.g. teaching and learning policy, bullying policy, behaviour policy, SEND policy, SEND Information report.  
  1. You should consult the Swindon Core Standards for SEND. Reference to these materials should help you to see what SEND support and provision should be in place for your child.  The Core Standards can be used to support conversations with the school about the identification of SEND and supporting a child/young person with different needs. 
  1. If your child has an EHCP, you should use this to support conversations with the school around needs, provision that should be in place and outcomes that all involved with your child should be working towards achieving.  
  1. If your child has an EHCP and you have significant concerns about the provision that is in place for them or are worried that the placement is not working for them, you should speak to the SENCo and ask them to hold an Interim Review meeting. Ask for any professionals involved with your child whose attendance you feel would be helpful to be invited to this meeting or asked to provide a report.  If you are concerned that the current placement or provision is not working for your child, it is important to hold an Interim Review meeting as the SEND Service are unable to make changes to funding or placement without receiving the paperwork from an Annual/Interim Review of the pupil’s EHCP.