The Andrew and Catherine Carter Trust

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The Andrew and Catherine Carter Trust

Service details

We provide grants for special equipment or adaption of housing or transport to meet the needs of disabled persons where there is financial need. 

It is essential for the application to have the support of a professional. Suitable professionals would include a doctor, hospital consultant, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or qualified assessor.

We do not provide grants for conditions that arise from the normal ageing process.

We are not able to provide funding for items covered by statutory provision, items already purchased or general living expenses. It is unlikely that we will fund mobility scooters other than in exceptional circumstances.  We are also unable to provide grants for general items of furniture and bedding.



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The page was last updated on 15 December 2021


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Service summary

We are a Charitable Trust supporting disabled persons of all ages including those with sensory, physical, and intellectual impairments and those with complex needs.

Grants can be provided in cases of financial need for special equipment or adaptation of housing or transport to meet their needs.

Further information

Please visit our

Main address

7 Northfields
SN10 1SE