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Service details

These are our speciality areas below that we offer as a service in a small group (max of 4 currently due to covid-19 restrictions) or individually at any age with any difficulty or barrier -
 Practical activities, gentle exercise, games and sports
 Daily Living Exercises to develop strength and resilience with their fine/gross motor skills
 Social Communication and Interaction
 Confidence and Self-esteem Development & Growth
 Behaviour and Respect
 Lifestyle & Health
 Social and Emotional Intelligence
 Educational
 Nutrition/Healthy Eating
 Sleep Hygiene

Main telephone

0333 0232215



Opening times

Monday – Friday 08.30 – 7pm

The page was last updated on 2 October 2020

Service summary

We are an exclusive mentoring and coaching organisation who help young people in breaking down barriers to learning, personal growth, establishing trusting relationships through positive role-modelling, strengthening and influencing confident values around oneself and reaching those significant aspirations.  Iprovefit can provide bespoke, engaging, fun, invigorating and trustworthy sessions with young people. We have a great reputation in engagement, catering to individual needs whilst promoting hope and resilience within Swindon and Wiltshire.

Further information

Please refer to our website - https://iprovefit.co.uk/;
Please complete a referral form on the website or
call us on 07385 380949 /0333 0232215.  We are also on Facebook and Instagram

Client groups

We work with young people with SEND, behavioural, Social, emotional and mental health difficulties and anyone really who might be troubled. We work with all ages from age 5 up to adults. We can work with individuals, small groups or families in a holistic approach in a bespoke individualised way to suit the needs of the individual/family.

Main address