Royal Air Force Apprenticeships

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Royal Air Force Apprenticeships

Service details

Join as a Regular or Reserve. To gain an apprenticeship in the RAF you still need to meet all of the entry requirements for whichever role it is for and get through all stages of the application process. You will gain the apprenticeship as part of your phase two training, in total the process of gaining your apprenticeship can last 1 year to 3 years of training. There are over 20 apprenticeship roles to choose from in a range of careers including aviation operations, engineering, hospitality & catering and IT. An RAF apprentice earns £14,931 + from day one. Other benefits include: medical and dental care, food on base subsidised, six weeks paid holiday every year. 

For more information visit the RAF Apprenticeships page.

Main telephone

0345 605 5555

The page was last updated on 15 September 2020

Service summary

An Apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force offers you the chance to gain a professional qualification as part of a challenging and unique career.

Further information

RAF careers mentoring service for potential applicants 

Young people wishing to make an application for the RAF in the next 4-6 months can take advantage of a remote mentoring service provided by Squadron Leader Jackie Millard-Smith at RAF Brize Norton ( Due to data protection this mentoring service is ONLY available to candidates who register to make an application directly through the Squadron Leader rather than going online or calling the RAF careers line. When registered, candidates will be mentored remotely by an individual in the role(s) they are applying for to help them make a more informed decision about their choice and will also be guided by the Squadron Leader on how to prepare for selection. Please note, this service is only for submitting applications NOT for general careers information or research on the RAF.

Client groups

Eligibility for Regulars/Reservists: Age Requirement 15 years 9 months (for airman role) oldest is 55 years for a medical officer. Under 18 parental consent is required.

Main address

Royal Air Force
35 St Giles