Hearing Support Team

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Hearing Support Team

Service details

We provide information, advice and support for Deaf children and young people, their families, educational settings and other professionals • Our aim is to ensure that Deaf children & young people have appropriate access to educational opportunities so that they can achieve their potential irrespective of their hearing loss or preferred communication mode


Currently there is no charge for the core services we provide to families, early years settings and schools.



The page was last updated on 11 November 2019


The majority of our referrals come from Audiology/ENT services but we will accept appropriate referrals from other sources (Please contact us for a referral form)

• We support all children with an identified hearing loss who meet our eligibility criteria (based on NATSIP eligibility framework)

• We provide information/advice to educational settings in the Swindon area across the 0-25 age range

Service summary

We offer support to schools, families and other agencies and professionals for children and young people in education with a hearing loss from 0-25 years

Further information

What we offer:

• Information, advice and support to parents, carers, educational staff and other professionals working with Deaf children

• Training to schools and other professionals

• Assistive Listening Devices (Radio Aids) for Deaf children where appropriate

• Support to Audiology/ENT team in Swindon

• Liaison with other services

• Advice for Statutory Assessment (ECHP)

The Swindon Hearing Support Team’s Newsletter

Main address

C/O The Dorcan Academy
St Paul's Drive