Families First

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Families First

Service details

Families First is a small friendly team made up of range of different professionals. The variety of skills and wide range of experience is our strength. We are passionate about helping families meet their full potential in a caring and sensitive way.



Main telephone

01793 421109

The page was last updated on 30 September 2019

Service summary

The Families First team is here to support families who need a friendly, helping hand to get them back on the right track.

Further information

The service works with the whole family unit (rather than focusing on an individual) to provide the help and support needed on a wide range of family-based issues.To access the service please call us. 

What we offer:
The help and support is provided in a number of ways:

 - Family relationship-building experiences.
 - Supporting the family through practical tasks in which they're experiencing difficulties.
- Helping with problem-solving through coaching sessions and discussions.
- Providing help and guidance for those looking for work or training opportunities
- Video Interaction Guidance.

Client groups

We work with families who do not already have professional support and are having difficulties in at least two of the following areas: School attendance and behaviour problems at school; Anti-social behaviour and crime; Helping people to get closer to employment 

Main address

The Hut - Lyndhurst Centre
Lyndhurst Crescent