The MedicAlert Foundation

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The MedicAlert Foundation

Service details

MedicAlert has been working in the UK for over 50 years, providing people who have hidden medical conditions with the means to live their lives to the full. 


£32.00 Per Annum

Main telephone

01908 951026


The page was last updated on 24 September 2019

Service summary

MediAlert – The only charity that provides Medical ID Jewellery and a comprehensive 24/7 emergency phone cover

Further information

We hold a detailed record for each customer which includes information on Medical Conditions, Allergies, Current Medication, Medical Implants, Emergency Contacts, Next of Kin, GP/Hospital details, and Advance Decisions In case of an emergency

 Medical ID Jewellery and a comprehensive 24/7 emergency phone cover for your protection.

Client groups

Anyone who has a Medical Condition or wishes to give people quick access to emergency details in any time of need.

Main address

327 Upper Fourth Street
Witan Court
Milton Keynes