Thursday Respite for Parkinson's

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Thursday Respite for Parkinson's

Service details

Our Aim is to support everyone affected by Parkinson’s in the Swindon area by providing activities and an environment accessible to all, including family members and carers, whether or not they are a member of the Branch or of Parkinson’s UK and also to support research for a cure.


Our Exercise Programme is free. Currently 3 hours of respite per month free, then £14 per hour.

Main telephone

01793 486407


The page was last updated on 24 September 2019

Service summary

Parkinson’s Swindon & District Branch “Thursday Parkinson’s Respite” to help support carers of people affected by Parkinson’s.

Further information

Well Being - Keeping active both physically and mentally is vitally important for people with Parkinson’s.Staying active is encouraged by the Parkinson’s health professionals at Great Western Hospital, the Swindon Intermediate Care Centre and also Parkinson’s UK. Exercise is proven to be the only thing at present that helps delay the progression of the Parkinson’s.

Social Contact  & Support - We provide an environment for people to meet others with Parkinson’s, including their families and carers, to share experiences and promote self-help.
To ensure “No One Has to Face Parkinson’s Alone” we provide help, advice, contact with others who have Parkinson’s, contact with other carers & signposting to the right people who can offer appropriate help.

Client groups

People affected by  Parkinsons in the Swindon area in support of our carers

Main address

Parkinson's UK - Swindon & District
C/O 56 Austen Crescent