The Respite Association

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The Respite Association

Service details

Medium sized National Charity helping unpaid Carers to get a short break.

Main telephone

01775 820176


The page was last updated on 24 September 2019

Service summary

Provides grants to help with the cost of providing alternative care (in the home or residential) so that the usual unpaid carer can have a short one off  break from their role.

Further information

Funding toward the cost of providing alternative care so that the usual unpaid care can have a break

Grants toward the cost of alternative care whilst the usual unpaid carer has a total break away from the person they normally care for. In some cases we may pay for the remainder of the family to go to one of our holiday caravans but this is very much a small part of what we do the grant scheme accounting for 95% of our work.

Client groups

Eligibility is based purely on need given that many unpaid Carers are highly stressed.  Carers  may be looking after an elderly spouse or a young child with physical  and/or mental  health needs for instance.

Main address

4 Lowgate lane
PE20 3DG