The Swindon Talking Newspaper

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The Swindon Talking Newspaper

Service details

Our newspaper is produced weekly and it is circulated to listeners by the means of a memory stick. It contains local news items from the Swindon Advertiser and features of general interest including: sport, local history and much, much more!


No charge

Main telephone


The page was last updated on 23 October 2019

Service summary

We are the weekly Swindon & District Talking Newspaper (STAN). We give the blind, partially sighted and listeners with other disabilities the independent means of keeping in touch with what's going on in the local community.

Further information

The memory stick is played by a "boombox", an easy-to-use playback device, which is provided free of charge by STAN. Our newspapers recorded on a Wednesday evening and the memory sticks are sent out, in plastic wallets, every Thursday by post. (usually arriving with the listener on Friday morning.) 

We can offer The Talking Newspaper free to anyone who lives in or around Swindon (or who has perhaps moved away and wants to keep in touch with what's going on in the area) and is unable to read newsprint for whatever reason.

Main address

Craven House
145 Victoria Road
Old Town