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Service details

Society is ever changing. We live in an ‘I’ world driven by the media which can insidiously seek to deconstruct the fabric of the family unit. Families today are diverse, multifaceted and some can be classed as dysfunctional. Many parents require help, support and empowerment to take back control of their families in this ever-changing world and at Parenting4Life we are here to do just that!


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Main telephone

01793 330422


The page was last updated on 23 October 2019

Service summary

Parenting4Life is a family mediation service which seeks to ‘kick start’ families to begin to function together again once more. We aim to provide support, mediation and training.

Further information

We are trained teachers, parenting workers, youth workers and play workers and have worked within the parenting and childcare sector for over twenty years. We BELIEVE IN FAMILY and we seek to live it, we have four children of our own and have empowered many families’ teenagers and children of all ages for many years.

Advice & Support
Family Mediation

Client groups

Families with children of all ages but especially focused on supporting parents with teenagers, and the unique challenges that are associated.

Main address

Kingshill House
Kent Road