Support for Carers - alcohol

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Support for Carers - alcohol

Service details

Action for Change is a charity based in Sussex. It has been running alcohol and other health behaviour change services since 1991. We now offers all of it’s services online or via the telephone, which, it believes, offers greater access to the modern ‘help seeker’. 



Main telephone

0300 111 2470


The page was last updated on 22 October 2019

Service summary

We offer text, email, telephone and video chat support for those who are affected by someone else's alcohol use. 

Further information

Text, email, telephone and video one to one support for those affected by someone's alcohol use. 

We offer the following:
FREE 4 week trial of support text messages 
Motivational and support text messages 
Responsive text message service
Email support and information 
Telephone/video chat 1-1 support with Action for Change team member

Client groups

Call for assessment and FREE 20 minute trial session. 

Main address

41A Susans Road
BN21 3TJ