Gladstones Clinic Cotswolds

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Gladstones Clinic Cotswolds

Service details

Gladstones Clinic uses an integrated treatment model to treat addiction. We are not a 12 step rehab. We use 1:1 and group counselling, along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and complementary therapies like acupuncture, meditation and diet and nutrition to get to the heart of the addiction. 


£9800 per 28 days of fully residential treatment

Main telephone

01453 890184


The page was last updated on 22 October 2019

Service summary

Private, 12 bed residential alcohol and substance abuse detox and rehab clinic. Detox through primary care services provided.

Further information

We specialize in long-term recovery from drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions.

Drug and alcohol detox; Drug and alcohol rehab; Behavioral Disorder rehab; Detox through primary care; Full room and board provided

Client groups

Suitable for teens through all ages, sexes and beliefs or affiliations

Main address

Narles Farm
Dursley Rd