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Service details

SPOKAN UK was formed May 2015 in Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham. It provides a safe arena for families to meet like minded people with a view to sharing experiences and providing much needed support. SPOKAN UK has 22 sub groups around the country that aim to meet every month.The facebook ‘Supporting Parents of Kids with Additional Needs UK’  group has nearly 2000 members. Meet ups are being organised.


There is no charge

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The page was last updated on 22 October 2019

Service summary

Supporting Parents of Kids with Additional Needs. 
Monthly support group for parents and carers of children and young people with additional needs (diagnosed or undiagnosed). 

Further information

The aim is to meet up regularly with or without the kids. So far we have hosted coffee mornings, childrens parties and evening socials with just grown ups.

A monthly get together in safe and comfortable environment. 

Please follow these guidelines: 1) Please be polite and respect other people’s views. Any comments perceived by admin as being threatening or intentionally intimidating to others will not be tolerated and members who practice this behaviour will be deleted from the group. Also please refrain from pushing controversial opinions upon others. We are a support group hoping to escape from judgement and all live differently. 2) Please try to refrain from swearing. 3) Be safe. Do not give out personal details. If other group members contact you personally, please be careful. If you receive an abusive message or one that makes you feel uncomfortable, please alert admin. 4) Please refrain from selling items. 5) Please refrain from naming people or any establishment in a negative or libellous manner. 6) Please do not block admins as it prevents our ability to communicate effectively with individual members. 7) The purpose of this group is to promote awareness and offer each other valued support, it is not our intention to censor comments or remove posts, however, the list of posts to be deleted immediately and without warning (and any offending member possibly being removed from the group), would be (not necessarily limited to) a) Posts personally critical or abusive of others, especially (but not limited to) Health Care Professionals. b) Images and videos in contravention of Facebook policies. c) Posts that are potentially libellous or in breach of any obscenity, equal opportunities, racism laws etc. d) Posts deemed unsuitable for a young audience. e) Deliberate spam/advertising. f) Direct selling of items. g) Plugging businesses or services for financial gain (use SPOKAN Business group for this) h)Disrespectful responses to other members and any signs of trolling. 5) In support of useful debates, rather than deleting comments users may be encouraged to edit and resubmit. In here we all have children with special needs, and of course it's natural to want to seek advice and support from others in a similar position, and posting a video may seem like the easiest way. But as admin we have to balance the needs of our members with the requirements of the law. We also have to consider the fact that although we vet every applicant very carefully, people who have an ulterior motive may occasionally slip past our checks. Having investigated the matter further, we've discovered that posting photos or videos of your child in a sensitive position, could be considered a breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Therefore with immediate effect we'd like to ask all our members to ensure they don't post any photos or videos which contain: * any nudity * the child in a state of distress * the child in a private situation (such as using the toilet) It's absolutely fine to post other types of videos and photos, and of course it's fine to describe problems your child may be having for the purposes of seeking support, help and advice. This applies to not just the main SPOKAN page, but all the local subpages too. We hope this approach means that our members can still access support and help in here without any risk of the group, or the individual, getting into trouble for breaking the law. By joining the group, or remaining a group member, you’re deemed to be in agreement with these rules. For any comment, please contact the admin Adele Lawrence Like Show More Reactions Comment Seen by 3 Comments Write a comment...

Client groups

All families are welcome with children who have or don’t have a diagnosis. We hope the group will provide an environment where people feel like they fit in. The world doesn’t always understand diversity, so this group hopefully will help people feel comfortable and accepted.

Main address

C/O 3 The Green
Beeches Estate