Jubilee Gardens Project

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Jubilee Gardens Project

Service details

The Jubilee Gardens Project is a registered charity managed by a voluntary board of directors. It was set up to provide education and training for adults who, because of varying degrees of mental and physical disability, experience learning difficulties.

The primary aim is to teach horticultural skills, but literacy, numeracy and social skills are also taught. There is also the opportunity for students to learn about domestic routine and personal hygiene to assist them to achieve a greater degree of independence.



Main telephone

01793 771539



The page was last updated on 20 September 2019

Service summary

Training for adults with a learning disability, specialising in horticultural training but including also literacy, numeracy and independent living skills.

Further information

All students at the project work to their capabilities and are encouraged to develop new skills within reasonable expectations. 

Through individual achievement, the students are given the opportunity to develop an awareness of their own abilities, so becoming more confident within themselves and in their relationships with others.

There are up to 16 day-care places for students from Swindon and the surrounding districts. Students can be bused to the centre by our own mini-bus.

In addition to the full-time staff of 3, the project employs a specialist 3 mornings a week to teach numeracy and literacy skills and a cook. We also use the services of several volunteers to work with the students in various forms of general education, including cookery, art, and craft.

Main address

Church Bush Hall
Cricklade Road
Purton Stoke