Candidates for Management Committee

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Candidates for Management Committee

Service details

Our Forum promotes the welfare and interests of the older citizens of the Borough and is run by an elected Management Committee who maintain apolitical and not-for-profit status and observe the principles of equal opportunities.


No charge applicable

Main telephone

07901 958209


The page was last updated on 20 September 2019

Service summary

The SOPF are looking to expand the membership of their Management Committee. Candidates need to be residents in the Borough of Swindon, aged 55+ and attend quarterly meetings.

Further information

We hold quarterly Management Committee meetings and bi-annual Open Meetings and an AGM, and attend conferences and relevant events.

We work with our members and similar organizations to promote the welfare and interests of older people, combat ageism, and facilitate consultation by statutory bodies.

Client groups

You need to be a resident of the Borough of Swindon, aged 55+, accept our Constitution and conduct yourself according to our Equality Policy. You need to be able to attend the quarterly meetings of the Management Committee (2 hrs each) and the Annual General Meeting (full day).

Main address

Swindon Seniors Forum
1 John Street