Helping Hands for Holidays

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Helping Hands for Holidays

Service details

Founded over 40 years ago, thousands of those less fortunate than us have enjoyed a memorable and fulfilling holiday away from the stresses and strains of their difficult, confined everyday existence. To many, it is what they spend the whole year looking forward to. If you know someone who has a disability, you would understand just what a 3H holiday could mean to them.


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Main telephone

01892 860207


The page was last updated on 1 August 2022

Service summary

We provide subsidised group holidays for the physically disabled at well researched venues – giving their carers a valuable period of respite at the same time.

Further information

Subsidised group holidays for physically disabled children and adults and grants to assist disabled people and their families on low incomes to organise a modest UK holiday. 

For more information visit: The 3H Foundation

Main address

B2 Speldhurst Business Park
Langton Road
Tunbridge Wells