Learning Disability Nursing Homes

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Learning Disability Nursing Homes

Service details

The White Horse Care Trust is a local charity providing a range of services and support to adults with a learning disability. We exist to enhance the lives of these individuals and to ensure they are able to experience life to the maximum of their ability by creating an individually centred, positive environment.


Prices are determined on an individual needs assessment

Main telephone

01793 846000



The page was last updated on 21 September 2019

Service summary

Personal nursing care homes in Swindon and Pewsey for adults with Learning Disability, including those with associated complex physical conditions and/or dementia

Further information

The Trust has provided personalised support and care for 24 years in a variety of settings. Our two nursing homes, with specialist learning disability nurses, design services around the individual and their own needs and wishes. Around this core service, you have the full support of the charity, with its experience and services, to provide additional peace of mind.

Please call to discuss as all services are based on individual needs and wishes

Client groups

The White Horse Care Trust is a specialist in Learning Disability, including associated complex medical conditions and dementia

Main address

Washbourne House
77a High Street