Tenura daily living aids

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Tenura daily living aids

Service details

Unlike other non-slip and grip products on the market, Tenura daily living aids are made entirely from silicone rubber material, which means they are non-toxic and chemically inert. They do not contain phthalate plasticisers, which are necessary ingredients of other materials with similar properties, which are banned or restricted in Europe and parts of the USA.


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Main telephone

01254 832266

The page was last updated on 23 September 2019

Service summary

Our non-slip products help people with impairments to their grip or manoeuvrability maintain an independent lifestyle.

Further information

Our daily living aids can be used as a solution in the home to maintain independent living and can also be used in clinical and care home environments. Apart from its use for people with impaired strength and limited mobility, it can be used in vehicles, mobile homes and boats to provide stability to objects.

We offer a range of extremely effective anti-slip daily living aids that provide grip on dry smooth and slippery surfaces, including tables, worktops, trays, handles and various smooth floor surfaces. Our specially designed materials, mats and grip aids prevent movement and provide enhanced grip and purchase on handles and lids.

Main address

Churchill Road Industrial Eastate