Child & Adolescent Mental Health

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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Service details

CAMHS in Swindon is provided by Oxford Health NHS FT and works with young people and their families up to the age of 18 years. We are a multi-disciplinary team which includes a range of therapists, mental health clinicians and psychiatrists. We provide assessment and treatment of young people who are presenting with a range of mental health difficulties and emotional distress. We also have specialist Learning Disabilities Nurses who offer specialist assessment and interventions around a range of difficulties that may be experienced by the young person with LD for example; anxiety, low mood and the associated behavioural difficulties.


This service is provided by the NHS & is free of charge.

Main telephone

01865 903422


The page was last updated on 28 September 2019

Service summary

We provide a specialist mental health service for children and young people where there is an identified mental health need.

Further information

When you are referred to our service we complete an assessment together, we want to work collaboratively with you, so we can design a service to best meet your needs. We offer a range of interventions. We will work with other agencies who support you and may attend meetings to discuss your strengths as well as any concerns and understand more about how to support you and your family. You may work with our community team, LD team or Outreach Team (OSCA) to ensure that your young persons needs are being met. We aim to respond to emergency referrals within 24 hours, urgent referrals within 7 days and routine referrals within 4 weeks. We offer appointments at CAMHS which is at Marlborough House in Old Town. We are a community-based service which means we do also work across a range of settings including GP surgeries, schools and in the home.

Client groups

We work with young people and their families up to the age of 18 who are struggling with mental health difficulties or emotional difficulties which are having a significant impact on social functioning and having a negative impact on their daily lives. A referral to our service can be made by a professional who knows you, for example a GP, social worker or teacher a referral may also come from a TaMHS worker if you are working with them. This referral will go to the Single Point of Access (SPA) and staff will offer the most appropriate service to meet your needs. This Single Point of Access is jointly offered by TaMHS and CAMHS.

Main address

Marlborough House
Okus Road