Special Care Baby Unit

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Special Care Baby Unit

Service details

We have a modern, purpose built unit at Great Western Hospital which is divided into two areas. One room is for babies who require additional support and monitoring and another room for those babies who are progressing well and where parents can provide most of the care to their baby.


We are an NHS service.

Main telephone

01793 604020

Opening times

Parents and siblings can visit any time of the day or night and we encourage you to come as much as you can. It is really important that your baby gets to know you and you get to know your baby.

The page was last updated on 28 September 2019

Service summary

Being born prematurely, having a difficult delivery or antenatal concerns are all reasons a baby may be admitted to our unit at the Great Western Hospital.

Further information

Once your baby is settled in the unit, they will be fully assessed and the treatment and care will be tailored to their specific needs. The Nurse caring for your baby will be able to update you on their progress regularly.

Main address

Great Western Hospital
Marlborough Road