Children's Hearing Services

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Children's Hearing Services

Service details

We aim to enable children to reach their full potential via identification and appropriate management of hearing impairment. The Paediatric Audiology service is provided at hospital sites and community locations to ensure that families are seen closer to home where appropriate.

A full history will be taken and a developmental age appropriate hearing assessment will be performed. The hearing assessment results will be explained and appropriate management options will be discussed. We engage with parents, carers and children throughout the planning and decision making process.


We are an NHS service.

Main telephone

01793 889420


The page was last updated on 27 September 2019

Service summary

Swindon Paediatric Audiology provides a family friendly screening, diagnostic and rehabilitation service, for babies, children and young adults with hearing difficulties.

Further information

We offer:

Comprehensive and developmental age appropriate hearing assessments.
Newborn hearing screening for all newborn babies.
Provision of modern Digital hearing aid technology and follow up after care.
Onward referral to other specialist services if required.
Working in collaboration with health visitors, school nurses and specialist education teams.

Client groups

As an open referral service anyone can refer children if there is concern about the child's hearing or communication difficulties.

Main address

Paediatric Audiology
West Swindon Health Centre
Link Avenue