Swindon Advocacy Movement

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Swindon Advocacy Movement

Service details

Swindon Advocacy Movement is a small local charity. We provide a number of advocacy services independent of the local authority, health, education or social care.

We work with Swindon people who have care and support needs including autism, mental health difficulties, learning disabilities, eating disorders, dementia.



Main telephone

01793 542266



The page was last updated on 11 November 2019

Service summary

Service for children up to 18 who live in Swindon where: the child is having substantial difficulty accessing their education or thier community due to anxiety or mental health.

Further information

An advocate can: support you when you are going through a difficult time support you to find out what help is available to you help you to understand what your rights and options are work with you to ensure that you’re views are listened to.

SAM is excited to announce the launch of a brand new children and young people’s advocacy service called The Indy Project. Funded by Children in Need this three-year project aims to enable children and young people aged 10-18yrs to reach personal independence goals. For more details click the link below

Client groups

Swindon resident 18 or under where the child is having substantial difficulty accessing their education or community due to anxiety / mental health difficulties and where they have no / limited professional support.

Main address

37 Regent Street