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Baby Steps

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Baby Steps

Service details

Most antenatal programmes tell you about the medical aspects of birth. Baby Steps goes much further and will help you get ready for your new life with your baby. Welcoming your baby into the world can be very exciting, but it also has its challenges and can leave some people feeling worried. Baby Steps aims to help you cope with all the new experiences that will come your way.

Together, we will talk about our babies’ development, what could change for you and your partner, giving birth and getting to know your baby, caring for our babies and ourselves and people who can offer support. Baby Steps is one of the ways we support families to give their children the best possible start in life.


No charge.

Main telephone

01793 465666



The page was last updated on 30 September 2019

Service summary

Baby Steps is a group activity which helps mums-to-be and their partners prepare for being a parent and help you cope with all the new experiences that will come your way.

Further information

Groups will be made up of other couples and single mums at a similar stage of pregnancy and meet for 2hrs every week. The group starts around the 26th to 30th week of your pregnancy. There are six meetings before your baby is born and then three afterwards. The whole group is friendly, comfortable and designed to give you and your baby the support you need to begin your life together.

Parents to be can discuss BabySteps with thier Midwife

Client groups

Baby Steps is for mums-to-be and their partners. Talk to your midwife for more information or contact Babysteps@swindon.gov.uk or 01793 465666

Main address

Children, Families and Community Health Service
Gladstone Street Centre
Gladstone Street

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