Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy

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Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy

Service details

We offer bespoke enrichment programmes and courses with expertise in the Autistic spectrum and young persons with Special Educational Needs. Our staff are experienced in the provision of learning and therapy as well equine training skills. These programmes can be one-on-one or groups depending on individual needs.


Cost will be as low as £26 per person, depending on the requirements of the programme which can only be decided once we understand each persons specific needs.

Main telephone

01666 860068



The page was last updated on 30 September 2019

Service summary

Rein & Shine is an independent specialist provider of equine assisted learning and therapy. We are a Highly Commended British Horse Society centre and we carry the RDA Accessibility Mark accreditation.

Further information

We have a skilled team of management, tutors and support staff that work with local independent and state run care homes, schools and colleges. We are passionate about recording and measuring progression and providing suitable short and medium challenges along the way. Feedback is crucial so learners know how well they are doing. Tutors and staff are observed and mentored to ensure their effective

Client groups

Suitable for any young person that would benefit improved self-esteem, greater communication skills and building self-confidence and motivation.

Main address

1 Buryhill Farm