Nelson House

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Nelson House

Service details

Homegroup is committed to reducing the impact of homelessness and social disadvantage through its provision of specialist housing care and support to meet a wide range of needs. We are committed to providing its services through individually tailored support plans for every Customer within a framework of equal opportunities, anti-discrimination and respect.


£228.27 per week.

Main telephone



The page was last updated on 30 September 2019

Service summary

Nelson House is a long term Mental Health supported accommodation. It is a shared house with 5 bedrooms. 

Further information

We offer housing related support for people with mental health promoting their independence within the local community. We aim to provide good quality furnished accommodation which offers reasonable levels of comfort, homeliness, privacy and we offer individual support to improve mental well being. We also work in partnership with other agencies to maintain their independence. The project is supported Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 12pm each week with access to phone support at any time between 9am -5pm Mon to Fri.

Client groups

• Men and Women aged 18 to 65

 Clients within Swindon Mental Health Services
 People must be self medicating 
 People with low level mental health problems.

Main address

2 Lansdown Road