Share and Care Homeshare

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Share and Care Homeshare

Service details

Share & Care was established in 2006 to address a growing need to give help to elderly with low-cost companionship and practical help, and now offers help to the elderly and families with children/young adults who have learning or physical disabilities with homeshare across London and throughout the UK.


Between £4 – £6 per day

Main telephone

0203 865 3398


The page was last updated on 20 September 2019

Service summary

Homesharing is a simple way of helping people to help each other. In essence, a homeshare involves bringing together two people with different sets of needs.

Further information

Share & Care Homeshare specialises in introducing live-in sharers to elderly people or families with children or young adults with physical or learning difficulties

We can facilitate homeshare for elderly and families with children/adults learning or physical disabilities

Main address

Chestnut Suite
Thornton House
Thornton Road
SW19 4NG