Exercise referral programmes

Public Health Swindon are pleased to have partnered with Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) to deliver their well-established Healthwise programme in Swindon for Physical Activity Referrals.

The Healthwise programme is suitable for individuals who have been referred by their GP or Healthcare Professional to increase their levels of physical activity.

This is a gym and leisure centre based programme designed to offer support and guidance to help inactive people, including those at risk of disease or suffering with a health condition that can be improved by physical activity, to make long term lifestyle changes to increase their activity in a safe and enjoyable way.

All Healthwise programmes are offered at a reduced rate. Participants who are eligible will be offered a 2 year reduced price to access GLLs leisure facilities across Swindon.

If you think this programme would benefit you, talk to your GP or Healthcare Professional on your next visit. Please note any referral will be subject to an inclusion/exclusion criteria.

For further information please contact Swindon Healthwise on 01793 313814 or Healthwise.Swindon@gll.org.

If you would benefit from support and navigation in other ways to be more active, or would like advice in accessing Live Well Swindon programmes and community based provisions, please contact Live Well Swindon on 01793 465513 or LiveWell@swindon.gov.uk.

Some of our specialist sessions run within our Live Well Swindon programme:

Otago – Strength and Balance is part of our Falls Prevention programme for people aged 65+. Visit the Otago page for more information.

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