The Otago Exercise programme (OEP) is a supported home exercise programme designed to help increase the strength and balance of older people in order to prevent falls.  

It is based on a 14 week exercise programme to improve strength and balance and in Swindon we run the programme over 16 weeks, with week 1 and week 16 pre and post baseline assessment.

Participants attend one face to face group exercise class per week and commit to doing their home exercises in their booklet for approximately 30 minutes, 3 times per week, with rest days in between and also walking for up to 30 minutes at least 2 x per week is safe.

Research has shown that the Otago exercise programme is effective in reducing by 35% both the number of falls and the number of injuries resulting from falls in older people (aged 65+).

It has also shown that the programme improves participants’ strength and balance and maintains their confidence in carrying out everyday activities without falling.

Accessing the classes can be made via Live Well Referral by:

  • GP and Healthcare Professionals
  • Clients are able to self-refer into the (SBC) Otago sessions
  • (Classes based at the Woodlands Therapy Centre are accessed only by the medical falls clinic at GWH and not through SBC)

Further information on preventing the risk of falls can be found on the Falls Prevention page of this website. 

This page was checked on 12/08/22.