Be Active support from Live Well Swindon

Live Well Swindon can help support and empower individuals to achieve better health through the promotion of physical activity and healthy living.

Our work focuses on tackling health inequalities and assisting those who are currently inactive, at risk of, or living, with a long term health conditions or disability, and those who would benefit from being more active, more often.

We have a number of programmes on offer including:

  • Be Active, Be Healthy Navigation: remote support designed to provide useful and inspiring information to Swindon residents about healthy living, including how to be active in and around the home, as well as out in the local community (12 week programme, free).
  • Be Active Sessions: a range of group based activities, intended to make being active easy and fun. We offer a variety of activities (please contact Live Well Swindon for the latest offer), and all our programmes are designed to be inclusive and accessible. Sessions are delivered in various locations across Swindon (12 week programme, cost involved).
  • Otago - Strength and Balance: an evidence-based falls prevention programme for adults aged 65 and over. Each session involves strength exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the hips, legs & ankles. Balance exercises are also practiced which helps increase stability around the ankles and improves confidence when walking and performing everyday activities. Courses are delivered in various locations across Swindon (16 week programme, cost involved).

There are also a number of healthy weight and healthy lifestyle programmes on offer across Swindon. Live Well Swindon can help support individuals to discuss various options and signpost to local opportunities as appropriate.

For further information on the programmes above, please visit Leading an active and healthy lifestyle: Be active support from Live Well Swindon 

If you would benefit from support from Live Well Swindon and would like to access the programmes above, please complete the online Live Well referral form. Alternatively, please call 01793 465513 or email

On receipt of a referral, recommendation or enquiry, a member of the Live Well Swindon team will help identify and match the most appropriate opportunities and support available to each individual. Please note any referral will be subject to an inclusion/exclusion criteria, clients may be screened prior to be accepted to any of the programmes, and may be asked to seek further information from a licensed medical professional before participating.

Other useful links

  • Move more - information on activities, clubs and groups in the local area to help you get more active
  • Child and Adult Weight Management - information on the support available for weight management and healthy eating

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