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Adult services

Turning Point - IMPACT - Swindon & Wiltshire Active Recovery Services

We offer over 250 specialist and integrated services across England and Wales, focusing on substance misuse, learning disability, mental health and employment. We work with you to provide services that support you in a way that works for you.

End to end treatment, from the point of referral and assessment through to a range of groups to support individuals around their substance of choice and a range of prescribing options. We also have a new digital service on offer where individuals can access treatment online through any internet enabled device.

This service is suitable for anyone over 18 seeking support with problematic alcohol & drug use.

To find out more, visit the Swindon and Wiltshire Wellbeing Cloud

Charity Number: 234887

Needle & Syringe Exchange Scheme

Swindon has a needle and syringe scheme which is run through a number of participating Pharmacies as well as Turning Point (IMPACT), the local treatment service. This scheme aims to reduce the harms caused by injecting, including transmission of blood-borne viruses and other infections caused by sharing injecting equipment, through the provision of:

    • advice on safer injecting practices
    • advice on minimising the harm done by drugs, including performance and image-enhancing drugs
    • advice on how to avoid and manage an overdose including the use of Naloxone, as well as basic life support
    • information on the safe handling and correct disposal of injecting equipment
    • access to blood-borne virus testing, vaccination and treatment services
    • help to stop injecting drugs, including access to drug treatment (for example, opioid substitution therapy) and encouragement to switch to safer drug taking practices, if these are available

This document contains further details of participating Needle Exchange sites including location and opening hours.

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