Person-Centred Practice: Resources and Guidance

Page updated: 19/04/2022

Person-centred approaches are about finding out what is important to a person. They support a process of continual listening and learning, giving you an understanding of their capacities and choices. 

Person-Centred Practice Resources

Person-centred tools support person-centred thinking and skills. They can be used to plan, organise, understand and connect with others, for example: 


Person-Centred Practice Guidance

Personalising Education - a guide to using person-centred practices in schools 

Helen Sanderson Associates - offer support, advice and training on person-centred practice. 

Care and Support statutory guidance

Undertaking a Person-Centred Annual Review


Person-centred Practice within Swindon Schools

SEND Information Reports Audit April 2022

Annual SEND information reports presentation PowerPoint 

Swindon Guidance for writing a school SEND information report

Whole school SEND presentation PowerPoint (March 2021) 



Planning Live

Reshaping Conversations