What does Co-Producing the Local Offer Mean?

Page updated (10/08/2022) 

Swindon Borough Council will be working with children, young people, parents and carers to shape the support that exists for families.

As part of the Children and Families Act, Swindon Borough Council is required to produce it's Local Offer in partnership with children, young people and their families. Our focus is on putting children and young people at the heart of planning and decision making, through co-production and a person-centred approach. Our aim is to engage young people and their families in all processes, particularly in relation to the Local Offer, Education, health and care plan, the commissioning of services and Strategic Decision Making. 

SEND Local Offer Annual Report

We are required to review how effective our Local Offer is on an annual basis and publish our findings. Our SEND Local Offer Reports explain how we have collated feedback, what that feedback has been and what we've done to improve things.

The Local Offer Marketing and Engagement Plan

The Local Offer Marketing and Engagement Plan outlines the techniques, strategies, and practices in which we will improve the Local Offer moving forward.

Local Offer Marketing and Engagement Plan (updated March 2022) (pdf) 

The Local Offer Event

This annual event is organised by Swindon Borough Council in conjunction with Swindon SEND Family Voices and Swindon Ten to Eighteen Project (STEP) on behalf of children and young people.

The event was organised to share the extent and breadth of information that the SEND Local Offer has to offer. 

For more information, please view the evaluation report below

Local Offer Big Fortnight Big Evaluation Report 2021 (pdf)

Swindon Learning Disability Partnership Forum

The aim of the forum was to give people the opportunity to share their opinions about the content of the website, and also provide some useful feedback about how accessible it might be.