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1. What is the Portal?

The SEND Portal is a secure online resource provided by Swindon Borough Council that enables parents/carers/young people and those professionals working with a child or young person to register and then provide information to the SEND Service (in relation to SEND) about a child/young person.

2. Who will use the SEND Portal

  • Parents/carers
  • Professionals working with a child/young person
  • A young person who is old enough to submit a request/have oversight of their Education, Health and Care Plan

3. What can you do via the Portal?

  • Request an assessment
  • Check the current status and track progress of an Education, Health and Care Plan assessment
  • View copies of the Education, Health and Care Plan
  • View copies of Annual Reviews

4. How will with Portal affect me and my child/children?

The Portal will provide opportunity to improve processes across Education, Health and Social Care with parents/carers and young people offering greater coproduction. Parents/carers will have greater flexibility to have control over how and when they submit information in support of their child’s request and will be provided with regular updates on how things are progressing.

5. I have already used the Portal to make school applications, do I need to set up another account?

No. Once it has been enabled, the SEND tile will appear in existing accounts.

7. When will I be able to use the Portal?

The Portal will be LIVE from 20th July 2020 for a pilot where three Swindon Schools will start submitting new statutory requests or Annual Reviews. The Portal will be fully implemented, and in use, on 1st September 2020.

8. What information is on the Portal?

From 1st September 2020, for new assessments you will be able to see assessment information and EHCP (if agreed at panel). For children/young people with assessments/EHCPs which started/were finalised before this date, the information will be accessible in the Portal after the next Annual Review. This is with the exception of any children/young people who have been involved in the pilot.

9. How safe is the Portal?

When you sign up for the SEND Portal, you, and professionals, will be asked to set up ‘Two Factor Authentication’, which provides a higher level of security. To access Swindon Borough Council’s SEND Portal, two level authentication means that when you log into the portal, you will need your password and you will be sent a link with a unique code to your email address, please look in your junk email folder, as it the code may be sent here instead of your inbox. Every time you log in, you will be sent a different unique code. You need both your password AND the unique code to log in.

10. Who has access to the Portal and my child’s/children’s information?

The SEND Service has access to your child’s/children’s information. The SEND Service can control which portal users i.e. professionals/other organisations and parents/carers can see the SEND information about the child/young person. The SEND Service records and adds details to the child/young person’s record, including any professional’s advice that has been requested.  Each parent/carer of the child/young person, and any professionals involved, require authentication. Estranged parents may not be granted access or given only limited access. Required authentication is decided upon on a case by case basis. Depending on the level of access granted, will depend on how much information can be seen.

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