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1. Who will use the Professional Portal?

Any professional involved in the EHCP Assessment process, including:

Schools / Academies

Early Years Settings

Post 16 establishments

Educational Psychologists

Medical Professionals

Speech & Language Professionals

Occupational Physio Professionals

Social Care Professionals

Health Professionals

2. How do I register for the Portal?

The first time you use the Professional Portal, you will need to register using a work-based email address. If you are a school/setting, we ask you register using a generic SENC0@ email address and input your name as School Name SENCO If you are a Professional working within a service who writes advice for all aspects of the Education, Health and Care Plan process, we ask you register using your services generic email address only and input your name as your service areas name E.g. Educational Psychology Service. A registration verification email will be sent to this address and will contain a link for you to complete the registration process.

3. How does the Professional Portal work?

Once a form has been shared for completion, you will receive an email to your registered generic email address asking you to log in, and view the message in the Portal. The message will include a link to the form you have been asked to complete. Once completed, you will be asked to submit your form. This is then sent back to the SEND Service to accept. There may be occasions when the SEND Service requires further information from you. This form will be ‘rejected’ and you will receive another email notification detailing the information which is required. It will be up to each individual service area to manage how work is delegated out to individual professionals, to then be submitted back through the registered generic account.

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