TaMHS - Targeted Mental Health Service: First steps for getting help

This level of support is for children, young people and families that are experiencing mild or temporary difficulties or are adjusting to life circumstances where getting and acting on advice hasn’t helped to resolve their difficulties or where their difficulties have got worse may benefit from short term evidence based treatments from health services.

TaMHS provide the Single Point of Access for all mental health referrals in Swindon, we work in partnership with CAMHS and Barnardos Trailblazers.

TaMHS run assessment clinic twice a week to provide a mental state assessment for young people accepted into their service from referral.

TaMHS offers 1:1 support for young people referred to their service. This is an evidenced based short treatment up to six sessions providing support around skills to manage mood, anxiety, self-harm and self-esteem.

TaMHS offer wellbeing groups – five session group intervention using CBT informed approach to promote resilience and mental wellbeing, the facilitators utilise non-directive supportive therapy to deliver the groups. These are for ages 8-17. They are run on a termly basis, currently they are held at The Underground. Groups are for children and young people who are open to TaMHS.

TaMHS provide consultation to Schools who have a Traded service. This can be for either staff or parents depending on need identified by school. Consultations in these schools can be for young people not open to TaMHS. Consultation may result in a young person being opened to TaMHS or referred on to CAMHS.

TaMHS will attend multi-agency meetings for young people open to their service where it is appropriate to do so.

In the school’s which trade with TaMHS, TaMHS can provide group interventions to help manage stress and transitions (for year 6) They can also provide therapeutic groups and Therabuild, using construction blocks therapeutically. 

TaMHS will provide classroom observations in school which have a traded service. These observations can support diagnostic assessments or inform school support.

TaMHS work in partnership with CAMHS and there is a fluid process about referrals or young people that need additional support.

 During COVID TaMHS have been providing a mental health helpline to support young people and families who may have concerns about mental health during working hours 9-5.