Page updated: 23/08/2022

Swindon has a well-established specialist stammering service for children and adults who have a stammer. Early referral is very important as early support has positive outcomes. The service provides support groups, regular therapy groups, as well as individual assessment and therapy sessions.
In partnership with The Fluency Trust charity, Specialist intensive courses for school age children (10-17 years old) who stammer are run every summer. These courses combine intensive group therapy and outdoor activities.
For further information on the courses and the charity visit The Fluency Trust website or phone the team at the Salt Way Centre on 01793 466790. 

Stammering Resources

About one is every 12 children will stammer. So if your child stammers, you’re not alone. Get in touch if you are worried and check out some information and resources here

Stammering Support Flyer– Basic information and advice on stammering

These leaflets provide information on supporting children and young people who stammer / are dysfluent:

Early Years Settings


Secondary Schools

We have an e-learning course on ‘Stammering awareness’ that you can find on our ‘what courses or training do you offer’ page.

The following websites might be helpful:

The British Stammering Association

Information for parents

For settings and schools: Wait Wait I’m not finished yet

7 tips for talking with a child who stutters

Stambassadors- inspiring young people who stammer

My Stammering Tap- for young people who stammer

Your voice- stories articles and opinions