On Track Youth Counselling: First steps for getting help

This level of support is for children, young people and families that are experiencing mild or temporary difficulties or are adjusting to life circumstances where getting and acting on advice hasn’t helped to resolve their difficulties or where their difficulties have got worse may benefit from short term evidence based treatments from health services.

Following an initial assessment, the young person referred may be offered short, medium or long-term one-to-one counselling, usually on a weekly basis. Where it is felt to be appropriate and beneficial, the young person may be referred or directed to other support services.

The service works in association with various other health and support agencies to provide counselling and help, particularly following situations of self-harm or depression.

On Trak aims to ensure that all young people have access to the service free of charge regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexuality, religious or cultural background. During the process, the young people are provided with:

  • A supportive relationship at times of crisis;
  • A safe place to express themselves;
  • Advice and guidance to promote good mental health;
  • Help with more effective ways to handle stressful situations;
  • A better understanding of themselves and their relationship to their world;
  • A greater awareness of their personal resources, abilities and ways to build self-esteem.

Eligible young people are provided with the service for as long as the counselling remains therapeutically valuable.