Children's Continuing Care

Page updated: 22/05/2023

What does this service do?

Children’s Continuing Care is available for children with complex health needs who require support that cannot be met by existing universal or specialist services.

If you are eligible for Children’s Continuing Care, Integrated Care Board (ICB) will make recommendations about the amount of additional support required. 

This can either be met by the Children’s Complex and Continuing Care Team or through a personal health budget.

How can you access this service?

e.g. how do referrals work

A request for continuing care must come from a health, education or social care professional who works with your child and knows their health and care needs well.

If you feel you are eligible, please speak with a professional who will be able to begin the referral process. No referral can be made without your/your parent or carers consent. 

All referrals are reviewed by a clinical member of the team and a decision will be made as to whether to progress to a full assessment.

If a full assessment is required a Children’s Continuing Care Assessor will arrange to speak with you and your family as well as health, education and social care professionals to make a decision against agreed criteria and guidelines laid out in the National Framework for Children and  Young People’s Continuing Care (DoH, 2016)

 What happens for transition to adulthood?

Children’s Continuing Care funding is different from NHS Continuing Healthcare which is for eligible adults. As you are approaching 18 the healthcare professionals working with you will explore what support is needed and work with relevant services to put this in place. If it is required, they may refer you to Continuing Healthcare for assessment but acceptance is not guaranteed on the basis of Children’s Continuing Care funding and will be based on a full assessment of need.


Children’s Continuing Care Team

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