CAMHS: First steps for getting help

This level of support is for children, young people and families that are experiencing mild or temporary difficulties or are adjusting to life circumstances where getting and acting on advice hasn’t helped to resolve their difficulties or where their difficulties have got worse may benefit from short term evidence based treatments from health services.

TaMHS and Referral Support

CAMHS attend the Single Point of Access meeting every day with TaMHS to screen referrals into mental health services. – what does CAMHS attendance add to this? 

Community Paediatrician Complex Case Clinic

CAMHS attend the Complex Case Clinic at GWH to provide input into the discussions about the needs of complex young people open to Community Paediatrics for assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Multi-agency Meetings

CAMHS try, where possible, to attend all multi-agency meetings for children and young people referred to them and will provide reports for child protection conferences, TAC meetings, CIN meetings and EHCP applications for people open to CAMHS. – expand abbreviations 

Health Visitor Consultations

CAMHS Psychotherapy provide consultation with Health Visitors around infant mental health pathways and interventions.  – can you give more detail on this? 

Children Looked After Consultation Clinic

We also offer a Consultation Clinic; this is mainly a resource accessed for children who are looked after when the mental health need is not clear and gives a space for the network to meet and think about the needs for a young person and help decide if a referral to CAMHS is appropriate. – how is this accessed and by who?