Resources from those with lived experienced of autism

Yo Samdy Sam explores topics of autism and neurodiversity in weekly videos following her diagnosis as an adult.

Invisible I is a vide channel run by Katy who has diagnoses of Asperger’s syndrome and fibromyalgia about her experiences living with her diversities and disabilities. 

Epilie Aspie Chick  is a blog from Michelle. She describes herself and her blog as
“I'm a voracious reader, writer, and dreamer. My head is constantly in the clouds, consistently thinking up some new world I wish existed in more than my head. I prefer to read Young Adult, but I also read other Genres too (different mood, different book).
I also was diagnosed with Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy at 12 years old and then Asperger's at 30. My natural instinct was to turn to books to find the answers I was seeking, but found it difficult to locate a way to find books, fiction or non-fiction, based on condition. Eventually I found the emotions, characters, and solutions I was really looking for, but only after thousands of hours digging for them. 
I hope this blog not only provides some reviews of really amazing books, but also gives what I wish existed sooner: an easy way to locate books based on the topic you're looking to read about.” 
Everyday Asperger's have a facebook page and a now retired blog run by Sam who is a former school teacher diagnosed with Asperger's in her 40s. Her middle adult son also is on the autism spectrum, as is her partner.

Musings of an Aspie is a blog written by Cynthia Kim who was 42 when she discovered she had Asperger's syndrome. The blog provides a range of resources and her thoughts on autism and Asperger's. Cynthia has also written for Autism Parenting Magazine and Autism West Midlands Magazine. 

Life with Asperger's is a blog written by a mum who has two sons with autism and a diagnosis herself. The blog describes what it is like to live with Autism and focuses on the positive aspects of the condition rather than the negative. It is a personal and non medical account of her first hand experienced.

Autism Awareness have a news blog written by Maureen Bennie, mother to a son and daughter (age 24 and 22) with autism. Maureen writes on a wide variety of subjects relating to autism.

The girl with the curly hair - excellent online resources

YouTube channel - the Chapman family 

IndieAndy - Short videos with autism tips and advice   

Adult Experiences

NHS adults with autism - a positive perspective from an adult who has received an Aspergers diagnosis 

Video Resources for Autism and ADHD

Amazing Things Happen - an uplifting introduction to autism for young non-autistic audiences, aiming to raise awareness, understanding and tolerance in future generations.

Chris Packham Aspergers and me

National autistic society YouTube account - lots of short videos

Invisible I - Katie does short videos that covers topics such as going to the hairdresser

IndieAndy - Short videos with autism tips and advice