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Useful home schooling resources for parents, teachers and SENCos

We realise that at this difficult time, there will be lots of parents trying to think of things they can do to occupy their young child or children at home. There are lots of resources and activity ideas available, and we have listed some below as a helpful starting point.

Returning to school

Early Years

General education resources

  • Chatter Pack - Comprehensive list of resources for home learning for all age groups.
  • Wabisabi Learning - A list of terrific STEM project-based learning activities for teachers and home-school parents’.
  • STEM learning - Free home learning resources for primary to post 16.
  • BBC Bitesize- the BBC Learning suite of activity sites with links to much more (pre-school to Post 16).
  • Audible - Free Audio books.
  • Sparkle Box - Thousands of free printable resources for primary school teachers, parents and others who work with children.
  • Twinkl Home Learning Hub - Home school resources, printables, book readings, live lessons, positive news updated daily.



  • Lift Lessons - Offering free resources to parents and schools and they’re amazing for science vocabulary.
  • Science Theatre - Free science lessons online.

SEN resources

  • Disability Matters - Your free e-learning resource for the UK workforce.
  • Chatter Pack - List of FREE Speech, Language, communication and SEND resources for schools and parent/carers.
  • Do2Learn - Resources for learning at home including fine motor skill development, language development and visual discrimination.
  • SEN Teacher – Teaching resources that are free to share and use at school and at home.
  • Books beyond - Support for reading for all SEN.
  • Simultaneous Oral spelling - multi-sensory spelling techniques
  • Spelling Support Strategies­- synthetic phonics approach to spelling

Sports and drama

Social and contact stories

Mental health and wellbeing and talking to your child about Coronavirus

General parental resources


Page updated 17/06/2020

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