Pre-key stage Assessment: How to assess pupils working below the national curriculum assessment standard

The P levels no longer exist as a method of assessing children who are working below the national curriculum assessment standards. As of 2021, all children working below these standards need to be assessed in reading, writing and maths following the teaching assessment frameworks appropriate for their KS - 

For pre- KS1 

For pre- KS2 

For pupils working below these standards and not engaged in subject-specific study, the Engagement Model must be used to design the curriculum and assess progress within it. Pupils assessed using the engagement model are usually described as having severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties. 

For comparison and for ease of transition to these assessment frameworks, we have included here a comparison of the old P level and the standards within each of the pre-KS teaching assessment frameworks (courtesy of East Sussex County Council). 

Wiltshire County Council are offering training resources and other guidance for these as well as tracking and moderation tools for these standards.