How to use the materials in the Core Standards for Early Years

The Flowchart below represents the graduated response to SEN for Early Years settings and links to the main Core Standards Flow chart for SEND. Early years practitioners can use any of the materials within the Core Standards as they see fit, some will be universally applicable, some will be age/stage specific.

4.1 The Early Years Core Standards for SEN and the EYSENCo Handbook

The Early Years Core Standards for SEN and the EYSENCo handbook combine all the information for Early Years settings to be compliant with the Code of Practice for SEND 2015. A link to the full document and editable resources exists on the Local Offer website. A summary of the content is below.

Providers must have arrangements in place to support children with SEN or disabilities. These arrangements should include a clear approach to identifying and responding to SEN. The benefits of early identification are widely recognised – identifying need at the earliest point, and then making effective provision, improves long-term outcomes for children.

SEND Code of practice p79 

The Universal Provision Checklist for Early Years can be used to support an early years setting to develop their inclusive practice. Under the headings systems; inclusive partnerships; teaching and learning; physical environment, and; staffing and professional development, early years settings can ensure that they keep driving whole setting improvements that will support the expectations of the Code Of Practice.

The Provision Maps for each area support the Early Years practitioners to embed QFT and recognise its impact or not on the progress of individual children. It provides a way of tracking and keeping evidence of interventions based on good practice and high quality teaching practices. Each area of need is a separate document. Whilst it is recognised that young children can present their needs across a whole spectrum of behaviours not confined to one broad area, these maps are designed to support settings to address primary needs. The emphasis at universal provision must be on the holistic view of a child and the document ‘A Celebratory Approach to SEND Assessment in Early Years’ will support further clarification for practitioners.

The Universal Provision Checklist for Early Years

A Celebratory Approach to SEND Assessment in the Early Years PDF

Please link to the Early Years SENCo handbook and resources on Early Years Hub for Swindon website for guidance.

Page updated: 10/08/2021