FAQ's: I am concerned about a child, what should my graduated response look like?

Please refer to the Swindon Core Standards for SEND to see what a model graduated response should look like.

Swindon Core Standards Page


The Core Standards follow the

 Assess – Plan – Do – Review Approach, as outlined in the Code of Practice.

The Core Standards for SEND cover:

  • Universal Provision (Quality First Teaching and reasonable adjustments) to support children with barriers to learning
  • Gaining the pupil and parent/carer voice
  • Identification of SEND in each area of need
  • Provision for SEND in each area of need
  • Identification of High Needs
  • Whole school good practice for SEND
  • Guidance for applying for an EHC Statutory Needs Assessment
  • Guidance for holding an Annual Review 

The Swindon Core Standards for SEND outline what the Local Authority expects from all education settings in Swindon in relation to the identification of and provision for children and young people with SEND