Process for identifying social care needs and provision required

Once Children’s Services has been notified of the request for social care advice, the professional involved will inform yourself and/or your child (aged 16+) that they hold responsibility for collating your child’s social care needs and identifying any provision required. 

Should your child currently not be open to Social Care, the Family Service or the Youth Engagement Service, then an appointment will be made for you to meet with a member of the Early Help Hub. In general, this meeting will last between 45-60 minutes.

The aim of the meeting will be to identify your child’s social care needs which arise from their additional learning needs or disabilities that present barriers on them accessing their community, impact on family life, or place additional demands on yourself as their care-giver. 

During the meeting, you and/or your child (aged 16+) may be signposted or offered a referral to targeted services to provide further support to meet your child’s social care needs. 

Regardless of the pathway for identifying your child’s social care needs and provision required, whether that be through Social Care, the Family Service, the Youth Engagement Service or the Early Help Hub, you or your child will be given the opportunity to review and consent to the social care advice before it is sent to the SEND Service. Social care advice is returned to the SEND Service within the statutory timeframe of six weeks.