Annual Review of an Education Health and Care Plan

In accordance with the SEN Code of Practice, all Education, Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans) must be reviewed at least annually. The Annual Review is a vital Part of the academic year, as an opportunity to ensure the support detailed in the EHC Plan has been provided, and remains appropriate.

It is also a forum in which parents/carers, educational/training settings and pupils can raise any concerns regarding the support or placement, and have these addressed wherever possible. Of equal importance, the annual review is an opportunity to celebrate a pupil’s successes throughout the year.

The Annual Review should be person-centred, taking into consideration the needs of the pupil and their parent(s)/carer(s). Educational/training settings have the flexibility to adapt their Annual Review Process in order to meet these needs, but must ensure that the Annual Review Report Form is completed thoroughly.

Before the Annual Review, the SEND Team issues Annual Review planning reports at the beginning of each academic year, detailing the date by which each EHC Plan must be reviewed. Educational/training settings should plan Annual Reviews for the academic year in accordance with these dates.

All professionals involved with a pupil should be invited to the Annual Review (and encouraged to provide a written report if appropriate). If it is felt that an updated professional report is necessary (e.g. an updated SALT report, further assessment of a pupil’s skills by an Educational Psychologist) this must be requested by the educational/training setting early enough to ensure that a completed report is available for the Annual Review. A draft Annual Review Report Form should be issued to all those invited to the meeting at least two weeks prior to the Annual Review meeting, accompanied by any relevant reports (e.g. Educational Psychologist Record of Contact, SALT report, Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy report). This allows the individuals the opportunity to read through each report prior to the meeting, and to prepare any responses.

Please find below the revised Annual Review paperwork, guidance and checklist, which was launched at the SEND Forum held in June 2019. The changes made have been in response to feedback received from schools, colleges and parents/carers. All settings should use these new documents from the start of term (September 2019).

Changes to the Annual Review Form coming in September 2022

From September 2022, there will be a new, co-produced, Annual Review Form

Annual Review Report Form September 2022

SEND Portal - Attainment Document

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