Early Help

Page updated: 23/02/2022

What is Early Help?

Early Help is offering advice, support and direct interventions at the earliest point of identified need. The aims of Early Help are to support families to support themselves, to prevent problems escalating and to reduce the number of families needing statutory interventions. 

Who should offer Early Help?

As a basic principle, the first person to offer support to a child or young person and their family should be the professional identifying the issue. 

How do I know if Early Help is needed?

You should refer to Swindon’s agreed Right Help at the Right Time. Early Help sits within Level 2 of this document. Reviewing the document will help you to identify the types of issues that could be addressed by offering Early Help. It is recommended that all professionals working with children, young people and families familiarise themselves with this guidance.

 You can download our Right Help at the Right Time here:

 Multi-agency thresholds document - Swindon Safeguarding Partnership

What if the family needs more than I can offer?

Swindon’s Family Intervention and Support Service provides more intensive, targeted support to children, young people and families with more complex needs. You should initially discuss the child, young person or family with your Safeguarding Lead or Line Manager and contact the Early Help Hub Consultation Line on 01793 466479 if you identify that further advice or support is needed. 


Our commitment to the continued development of our Early Help Model is laid out in the following strategy document:



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