Swindon Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Strategy 2020-23

Page updated: 21/03/2022

"SEND is everyone’s business and we are all committed to putting transparency, honesty and integrity at the heart of everything we do.  You will find much interesting information and many insights within the document and we hope that you will enjoy reading it"

Swindon Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Bulletin - 2019 Bulletin

The Send and Inclusion Strategy 2020-23

The SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2020-23 One Page Version - This is a one-page accessible version of the SEND and Inclusion Strategy.

This strategy is built on the information gathered through our self-evaluation workshops and area inspection in 2018.

We also took account of the plan in our area Written Statement of Action from April 2019, which we must deliver by October 2020

We consulted through and online survey, open events, a young person’s focus group and a multi-agency task group which means 170 people gave us their thoughts and ideas.

There was very clear support for our vision, principles and priorities. The top 2 priorities were:

Priority 3 – Ensure that every Child and young people with SEND make excellent progress through access to high quality support (54.8%)

Priority 5 – Ensure that young people enjoy a happy and fulfilling adult life (51.2%)

We re-wrote the strategy in more straightforward language and put in more examples because the young people told us:

  • Please use ordinary words and language
  • Please tell us what difference this strategy will make to our lives because we want the opportunity to try and be the best person we can.


We have started working in detail on our plans for the strategic projects including support for out frontline workforce and our communication plan.  We are working on a joint commission across the Council and the health authority for our parent- carer forum. We took a close look at the results of the SEND annual survey as well as the Strategy consultation and have started looking specifically at what works best and well so that we can learn lessons about how to be the best we can be. This is because the parent- carers and practitioners told us

  • The most important people are those that work with us, this is how we find out about services and information
  • When it works people go the extra mile
  • We really get a lot of support and help from Swindon SEND Families Voice (Swindon’s parent carer forum) - the meetings, the chat room, the facebook page
  • There are things that are working well in Swindon, but we are not seeing things change quickly enough in a real way for our child
  • We can see that where services have made an effort to improve, we can see the difference, for example in the last two months in the SEND team at the Council
  • We appreciate area events like the SEND summit and we would like to be kept up to date with changes
  • We are worried about funding being sufficient
  • We like to be involved in changes for example the development of the Core Standards which we think is a good development.


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