Strategic Decision Making

Page updated:15/12/2022

How You Can Become Involved in decision making for Swindon

There are many ways in which you can be involved in helping to shape services for special educational needs in Swindon. Here are some ways to help with the strategic decisions made by the Council and the Health Service in Swindon - by completing surveys, joining a working group or coming along to an open event, offering feedback or joining Swindon SEND Families Voice, talking to Healthwatch or letting services know if you have a concern, complaint or compliment.
It is extremely important that your views and experiences are shared, acknowledged and understood, since our service teams are responsive to people’s concerns and are committed to meeting local needs . Services will be better and better planned if services and leaders know what matters to young people and their families, what works and what makes a difference most.

Where does Strategic Decision Making Take Place?

  • Swindon Borough Council; the local government body serving the Swindon area
  • NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), which is responsible for buying healthcare for Swindon and Shrivenham residents
  • The Special Educational Needs and Disability Strategic Board meet regularly. Swindon SEND Families Voice and STEP are part of the membership representing the children, young people and parents’ views and ideas

Different Types of Consultation

Swindon Borough Council and the ICB regularly consult on service changes, which are advertised on their websites.
ICB also has a Patient and Public Involvement Forum, (PPI), which seeks to involve patients in the design of NHS processes. You can contribute in a number of ways as follows:

  • Join the  PPI Forum
  • Join your local Parent Participation Group (PPG) by speaking to anyone at your local practice

Swindon SEND Families Voice

Enables the parents and carers of disabled children to help shape the services that affect them. The group supports the Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group (Health Services) in the development of services for disabled children and young people aged 0 – 25. Parent representatives participate in planning groups for disabled children and young people, consult with parents and carers, share information and obtain feedback from all stakeholders in whatever activity is being addressed.

STEP - SEND Participation

STEP are commissioned by Swindon Borough Council as an independent organisation to ensure to promote and encourage participation and representation of children and young people with SEND on a personal level, and at organisational and strategic levels, to actively support the inclusion of their views, wishes and opinions; and to embed this within policy and service delivery. STEP do this by utilising a core group of children and young people with SEND who meet on a regular basis, projects that develop borough wide outreach consultation, a Young Inspectors and Young Commissioners programme. If you are a child or young person, a parent / carer, professional or organisation would like to contribute please contact

Summary Report from the SEND Strategic Board (SSB)

This report focuses on improved and good performance, along with action and improvement. This summary is for managers and staff to use in discussions about how everyone contributes to improved outcomes for children and young people and service improvement. Summary Report from the SEND Strategic Board (SSB)

Special Education Needs and Disability Privacy Notice

You need to be aware of this Privacy Notice if you are taking part in a Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Strategic Board conference call.